How to Select Video Slot Machines and Pokies That Pay the Biggest Bonus Rounds

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There are thousands of slot machines on the casino floor. This makes it difficult to choose the most profitable and fun. Other manufacturers offer different game types. These companies also provide slot players with terrible games that pay little. How can you distinguish between machines? What ammunition should you have to be able to pick the highest-paying video slot machines? There are many tips that you can use. Here are three of the best. Also, there are examples of marquee games you should look out for next time you visit a casino.

The Cost Is Right Slots

1. Bonus Rounds with Free Spins – Find video slots that offer bonus rounds, where you can get some bonus spins. You can usually view a video slot’s “see pays” menu before you deposit any money. These machines often offer huge wins through the free spins round. This is especially true for the popular stacked wilds machines from IGT and WMS Gaming. It would help if you played games that allow you to get a bonus quickly. Take, for example, a look at how rewards can be achieved.

It is much easier to win a game requiring only a few scattered bonus symbols to activate a bonus than one requiring specific characters. This is an obvious realization for seasoned slot players. This tip will also be useful for novice slot players. You must play Coyote Moon, Wolf Run, 50 Lions, 100 Lady, Zeus, Fire Horse, and Diamond Queen Cats. Avoid Leopard Spots. Sea Monkeys. Jolly Roger. Shrimp Mania. Any mystery progressives slots.

How To Win In Casino Slots

2. It’s easy to understand. You should only play 25 lines or less in a game. You should bet 2-3 lines per line if possible. You will receive handsomely if you hit nice bars, and the bonus rounds will also pay well. The opposite is true for games that have lines higher than 100. You can win if you only wager 1-2. You can win more lines if you have more strings to play. They all add up in the end. However, I strongly recommend that players play as many lines as possible because some bonuses can only be activated if a pay line is used.

Delve Greater In to Slots On line

3. It is a fact that machines get cold after they hit – This is a very important point to remember. As a test, you can sit next to a popular device and observe the track record of the players who come and go. Player A wins a streak of around a few hundred dollars and gets his money. The next player sits down and gives it a shot, only to lose most of his money.

It is not an exact science, and sometimes a machine can hit long against a crowd of slot players. However, the winnings are usually lost after a good hit streak. Before you deposit your money เบทฟิก, look at how much cash the machine pays out. This indicator will tell you how profitable or poor the device is. If you don’t feel comfortable with the machine, lower your stakes and play a few spins. You’ll soon be able to read a machine and understand its behavior.

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